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I strategize with career and small business professionals to explore new possibilities, taking life and business to the next level. I love to inspire people, have a  positive impact, and help them to discover what will improve their lives with these three principles.

Decide what you really want to achieve.

Commit  to the next step and take action.

Succeed with hard work, determination, and sacrifice.

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I turned my childhood dream of becoming a published fiction author into reality in 2010. My press kit offers my bio, synopses and reviews on my books, author interview, pictures, and more.



Hi, I'm BrendaWhite


I had fun writing two fiction novels and one short story in a National Best Selling anthology.  I completed my first non-fiction book on career navigation titled, Why Not Keep Up with the Joneses in 2018.  Click View to check out my work.



Make the choice to change your life; unleash the power within you.

WELCOME  to my website!

Thank you so much for stopping by my website. I hope you'll take a moment to review my bio, my blog, and coaching & training services that I offer.

I'm a small town girl who is determined to succeed and make a difference during my time on earth. Stretching and changing to reach my potential, I am a life-long learner who believes in continuous improvement and seeking assistance when necessary. I have over two decades of experience in leading, mentoring, and coaching individuals and teams to realizing their dreams and goals by helping them to focus on what matters most. My professional experience is in operations, human resources, and training. I've learned how to take risks, adapt to change, work smarter, and think broader while making the necessary adjustment as I go. I believe I can help you to do the same. Let me help you with what faces you next.

If you want a great tomorrow, you have to invest today.