​​​Nothing will work unless you do.

~ Maya Angelou

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As a Certified Coach, Brenda brings her extensive experience in leadership, operations, organizational change, team development, and coaching development of professionals to address the personal and professional aspirations of her clients. Her clients are in individual contributor roles and leadership roles with many responsibilities. Through collaboration, intensive bursts of activity, and various tools, Brenda targets specific measurable outcomes as they impact the client’s personal expectations and business performance. She leads her clients through a series of powerful questions to guide and enhance self-discovery to help clients create the life they desire while growing at their own pace.

Brenda has impacted the lives of countless individuals throughout her career and community organizations. She is a powerful facilitator and speaker with experience speaking in organizations, schools, and panel discussions. She has facilitated various interactive team building sessions and vision boards creations.

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  • Results Coaching

            - Executive Coaching

            - Career Coaching

            - Life Coach​ing

  • Self-Publishing​​
  • ​Vision Board Creation and Plan Execution


  • ​​​​Group Coaching
  • Leadership*
  • Team Building*​
  • ​Vision Board Creation and Plan Execution